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The magic weapon of glasses manufacturers' income generation -- laser cutting machine

Date:2017-3-10 11:46:44 Number of visits:
New technology, new level, in today's rapid development of manufacturing technology, people's living standards continue to improve, the products meet the basic needs of users, the appearance of a new demand. Like many industries, the glasses industry is booming, the market demand has been rising rapidly, and the well-known glasses brands have sprung up in china. According to statistics, at present, there are about 60 thousand retail stores in China glasses, glasses retail enterprises around 1.2, with an annual sales of about $56 billion, the domestic market is so large glasses industry.
With the fierce competition in the glasses industry, enhance profits, compression costs are a lot of glasses manufacturers began to focus on the issue. Improve the manufacturing process of glasses, personalized custom glasses to become a magic weapon for the survival of many manufacturers, and the application of precision laser cutting machine, a comprehensive solution for these two problems for the enterprise.
In the past, the glasses industry mainly uses the mold to make the picture frame, the different style needs to make the different mold, the cost is high, the efficiency is low. Until the laser cutting machine input, the development of new style only in the software, fast, high precision, especially suitable for small batch, multi style production model. You can even do a fiber laser cutting machine can quickly process a different style of the glasses frame, personalized glasses to solve the worries.
In addition, graphic design, laser cutting machine can be arbitrary in the plate on the high speed, high precision, a molding, without subsequent processing equipment, 10 times faster than traditional cutting, greatly improving the processing efficiency, visual layout, close fitting, material saving. Advanced technology can improve the speed of new product development, and can quickly recover the cost of equipment investment.
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