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F Series Fiber Laser Marking Machine

F series fiber laser marking machinev is the world's most advanced laser marking,printing machine. Can be widely used in a variety of pipeline flight marking and high-speed static marking industry, to meet a variety of high-precision, high efficiency laser marking needs, using the world's leading level of fiber lasers and imported spare parts, marking high precision. Speed is fast, stable performance, using time up to 100,000 hours.
Product details

Technology Specifications

Max Laser Power


Beam Quality M2


Laser Wavelength


Cooling Type

Air Cooling

Pulse Frequency


Marking Range


Engrave Line Speed


Engrave Depth


Min Line Width


Min Character


Repeated Accuracy


Power Supply


Machine Power


Using Environment

Temperature -10~45℃  Humidity 10~90%, without without combustible and explosive gas.


【Technology Function】

1. Fully sealed integrated light source, free from external dust and mechanical vibration, the light quality is more stable.
2. Electro-optical conversion rate up to 60%, without power coupling loss, the whole power consumption is about 300W, no real supplies, significantly reduce the operating costs for customers.
3. Embedded operating system, intelligent man-machine platform, precise touch operation, so that the machine as convenient as the phone.
4. Online editing function, can be long information editing, meter length adjustable, step by step and a key to reset the function to meet customer requirements of various functional.
5. Adjust the jet printing calculation, online printing speed is higher than 120m / min.


【Industry Application】

Widely used in pipes, building materials, profiles, strips, electronic products, tobacco and alcohol, food and other industries, applicable to all types of plastic, metal, rubber and other materials, laser marking.


【Case picture】

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