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Daxinhua laser design of automatic laser marking and detecting integrated machine

Date:2017-3-16 14:39:08 Number of visits:

Large Xinhua laser full automatic laser marking machine detecting design book
1, mechanical operation is simple;
2, marking in SSoldlder maskk surface and PCB surface (green and white) maximum product 400*400mm, minimum product marking range 3x3 70*70mm;
3, equipment with automatic feeding function, when the mechanical hand to remove products, area for material on the surface of the product white also through mechanical hand away, and other products to yield when the product surface by mechanical hand a piece of paper (60g, according to the size of the product);
4, the machine has the timing function of the machine has the timing function, record the machine running time and marking time to record the machine running time and marking time ((can accumulate records can accumulate records));
5, the machine is equipped with a code reading gun (Kean), you can directly read the bar code, two-dimensional code and digital, with reading and readability level function (example: A, B, C, D);
6, marking software has the function of detecting heavy code;
7, the computer configuration to meet the current mainstream configuration;
8, the equipment marking position is equipped with the red light positioning equipment marking position has the red light localization, and must have the grating protection function and must have the grating protection function;
9, UPH:10s/pcs;
10, the system, software CD burning backup;
11, the device stops midway, and then start the memory can be stopped before the location of the re marking

二, equipment layout


三, function and job description

1 up and down structure


2 horizontal manipulator

3、Rotating manipulator, can rotate and can be up and down


4.Marking structure


5.Scanning mechanism



四、Movement flow and efficiency (UPH) 

A stack of manually placed products in a feeding mechanism, a feeding mechanism is rising -- manipulator decline 1, 2 - sucker suction manipulator rising and rotating to the designated location, feeding mechanism and feeding manipulator rise down, this material is moved to the station station product marking, marking and finished products to mobile discharging station -- laser marking, marking start after the completion of the scan code scan code: code scanning mechanism projects after the completion of the manipulator to rotate to the initial position: mechanical hands of the evidence (in descending marking at the same time, transverse mechanical hand feeding station across the paper to move to a discharging station)

五、Equipment features and main configuration

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