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Laser Welding Machine Price

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Kunshan Daxinhua Laser Technology Engineering Co.,Ltd. a professional manufacturer in Kunshan China.

What kind of value does the laser welding machine bring to you?

How much is it to buy a laser welding machine? This is the first concern of all buyers - the price of laser welding machine. The cost of the equipment determines the price of laser welding machine. But the laser welding machine is to reduce the cost of welding the workpiece.

What are the welding costs we have to consider? In general we will take into account the welding consumables, labor costs and electricity consumption, the cost of three blocks to consider. For laser welding machine, the supplies are mainly laser hernia lights, cooling water and

Electricity and other supplies, laser welding machine if used very frequently, hernia lamp for 2 times a year, 500 dollars each, hernia lamp is clearly worth nothing, pure water 10 dollars a barrel, once in February, One barrel at a time, this is more worthless. and so

Laser welding machine consumables relative to the arc welding consumables is not worth mentioning, laser welding machine is still relatively economical. Followed by labor costs, in recent years with the western development, the average wage across the country continue to rise, Foxconn

Is a good example, all by Shenzhen have been forced back to the mainland. This is just the average salary of ordinary employees, technical staff? Not to mention. Just welding this is a technical live, the previous use of argon arc welding, soldering and so on

Other welding equipment, are non-general workers can operate. Not a certain technical experience, it is difficult to weld high-quality products. Laser welding equipment operation to completely break through the bottleneck, as long as a normal person, you can

Complete the operation in 1 day. This device design operation is entirely out of consideration for the current Chinese market, as well as the majority of the boss recruitment is a rare consideration. A general workers will be about five thousand per month, less technical wages at least 8 thousand

, Then the monthly labor cost savings of more than 3000, 36,000 yuan a year, and this is a person's labor costs, ten people to 36 million per year, ten years for you to save labor costs 3.6 million, not a small number The. Used

The electricity bill? 200W standard laser welding machine, the total power is 8KW. Relatively labor-saving savings is not worth mentioning. AXL-200W laser welding machine technical parameters: average laser power: 200W. Large single pulse energy: 90J.

Power consumption: ≤ 14KW. Welding depth: 0.1-2.5mm. Solder joint size: 0.2-2mm. Laser wavelength: 1064nm. Pulse width: 0.3-20ms (adjustable). Combat frequency: 1-100Hz. Aiming positioning: red positioning (can be

Power supply: 380V ± 10% / 50Hz / 60A. Continuous working time: ≥16h. Water cooling system: 3 horses / 5 horses (can be selected). Election) laser dedicated water

Cold box. Use of the environment: clean dust, no source, 10 ℃ -30 ℃, humidity 5% -85%. Why choose Daxinhua laser? This is because the Daxinhua laser is a national production of laser welding equipment manufacturers, the quality of equipment

hard. Supor use is Daxinhua laser welding equipment, because the focus, trustworthy!

Laser welding technology parameters: (1) power density. Power density is one of the key parameters in machining. Using higher power densities, the time in the microsecond range, the surface layer can be heated to boiling point, a large amount of vaporized. because

This, high power density for the material removal process, such as drilling, cutting, carving favorable. For lower power density, surface temperature reached the boiling point take several milliseconds, before evaporation surface, the bottom of the melting point, easy to form good

Of the melt welding. Thus, in conduction type welding, the power density is in the range of (2) pulse waveforms. Pulse waveforms are an important issue in welding, especially for sheet welding. When the high intensity beam to the material

Body surface, the metal surface will be reflected and some energy is lost, and the surface reflectance with temperature. During a pulse period, the metal reflectivity changes greatly. (3) pulse width. Pulse width is pulse welding

One of the important parameters, it is different from the material removal and material melting of the important parameters, but also determine the cost of processing equipment and volume of the key parameters. (4) Effect of defocus on welding quality. Welding usually requires one

Set off from the article one, because the focus of the spot center of the power density is too high, easy to evaporate into holes. The power density distribution is relatively uniform on each plane leaving the focal point. There are two ways out of focus: positive and negative defocus. Focal plane

Located above the workpiece for the positive defocus, and vice versa. According to geometrical optics theory, when the positive and negative defocus plane and welding plane distance is equal, the corresponding plane on the power density is similar to the same, but in fact the shape of the pool is not

with. Negative defocus, you can get a greater penetration, which is related to the formation of the pool. Experiments show that the heating material begins to melt, the formation of liquid metal and the emergence of sub-gasification, the formation of municipal steam, and at a very high rate of jet,

Emitting dazzling white light. At the same time, high concentration of vapor movement through the liquid phase metal pool edge, a recess is formed in the bath center. When the negative defocus, the material internal power density is higher than the surface, easy to form a stronger pool, so

To achieve the laser welding of finished parts, to complete the traditional process can not be achieved precision welding.

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