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Overhaul of laser diode in laser marking machine

Date:2018-6-12 14:10:37 Number of visits:
What are the general methods of judging the quality of laser diodes? Today, Da Xin Hua laser marking machine technician is going to brief you on the maintenance of laser diode in laser marking machine.
The laser diode of the laser marking machine is the source of the light source of the laser head. The laser will become weak after aging or damage. It makes the head of the laser hard to focus and track the signal, which causes the failure of the disc to not turn or to read the data of the directory area.
1, measuring the driving current of laser two tube
When the RF signal is equal to or greater than 1.5Vp-p, the driving current should be less than 120mA. If this value exceeds this value, it indicates that the laser diode is aging.
2. Measuring the resistance of laser two tube
Under normal conditions, its forward resistance is 15 - 25kW, and the reverse resistance is infinite. If the forward resistance is greater than 60KW, it indicates that the laser diode has been damaged. After the laser diode is damaged, it can be replaced. Because the light source center of each laser diode will be deviated from the center position of the receiver unit, the position of the cylindrical lens must be adjusted and the grating is adjusted to make the light point of the three beam exactly on the center position of the photosensitive detector. This adjustment process is very meticulous, we must carry out patiently and repeatedly.
3. Measurement of laser power
The laser power is measured by laser power meter. The normal should be 0.13 - 0.3mW. If the measured laser power is significantly reduced and the laser power micro modulation potentiometer can not be raised to the normal value, the aging of the laser diode can be determined.
4. Measurement of radio frequency (RF) signals
If the RF signal is less than 1.5Vp-p, the laser power Trimming Potentiometer can not be upgraded, indicating the aging of the laser diode.
The above is the content of Da Xin Hua laser marking machine technician finishing, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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