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Three advantages of laser welding machine for glasses

Date:2018-6-13 8:59:56 Number of visits:
As we all know, glasses are made up of many parts. How do they link together? Today, Da Xin Hua laser technician introduces briefly the three advantages of the laser welding machine for glasses.
A. forming is convenient: the laser welding machine method of glasses is flexible and simple. In the manufacture of large and complex structures and parts, the method of casting welding and forging can be used.
B. has strong adaptability: using the corresponding welding method, it can not only produce micro, large and complex metal components, but also produce high temperature, high pressure equipment and chemical equipment with good air tightness. In addition, the welding method can be used to realize the connection of different metal or non metal.
The laser welding structure of C. glasses can save material 10% to 20%, and reduce the process of scribing, drilling and assembling. In addition, the welded structure can be selected according to the requirements. In different parts of the structure, different materials are selected according to the requirements of strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, so it has better economic performance.
The above is the content of Da Xin Hua laser technician finishing, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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