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What's the way for thin stainless steel to be welded?

Date:2018-6-14 14:25:01 Number of visits:
The most difficult problem of the thin stainless steel welding machine is the welding and deformation. Today, the technical personnel of the big Xin Hua laser welder come to tell you how to weld the thin stainless steel.
The main measures to solve the burn through and deformation of stainless steel sheet during welding are as follows:
(1) strictly control the heat input on the welded joint and choose suitable welding methods and technological parameters (mainly welding current, arc voltage and welding speed).
(2) assembly dimension is precise and interface gap is as small as possible. The gap is slightly larger and easy to burn or form a larger weld bead.
(3) the hardcover fixture must be used to balance the clamping force evenly. The key to welding stainless steel sheet must be paid attention to: strictly control the line energy on the welded joint, and try to minimize the heat input on the premise that the welding can be completed, thus reducing the heat affected zone and avoiding the appearance of the above defects.
The deformation of stainless steel sheet by argon arc welding can not be avoided. It can only use the step back welding method. The current should not be too large and the heat time of the plate can be shortened as much as possible so that the deformation of the plate can be minimized.
Stainless steel sheet is the best laser welding 0.1MM can be welded, laser spot size arbitrary adjustment, good control. The deformation is basically not.
The above is the content of the technical personnel of Da Xin Hua laser welding machine, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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