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How to judge whether the parameters of the laser welding machine are advanced

Date:2018-6-14 15:17:29 Number of visits:
Now, buying equipment, many people will see whether the equipment is advanced. So how do we tell if the parameters of the laser welder are advanced? Today, Da Xin Hua laser welding machine technician comes to brief you.
The parameters that have direct influence on the quality of laser welding include laser pulse energy, laser beam spot diameter, laser pulse frequency, laser pulse width, laser pulse waveform, relative light absorption rate of the welded material, welding speed, protective gas and so on.
The energy of a laser pulse is the energy that the maximum output of a single laser pulse can be produced. The unit is J (joule). This is one of the main parameters of the laser, which determines the maximum energy that the laser can produce. In terms of the use of the mold repair, the laser energy below 70J can meet the needs of any occasion, and the larger energy is in vain, or not at all, and the volume of the laser power and the volume of the radiator. The power supply efficiency is reduced by breaking up.
The frequency of laser pulses: This is the ability to reflect how many pulses a laser can produce in one second. The unit is (Hz). The first thing to explain is that the welding metal is the energy using the laser, and when the laser power is constant, the higher the frequency, the smaller the output energy of each laser. Therefore, we need to ensure that the laser energy is enough to melt the metal, and the processing speed can be considered to determine the output frequency of the laser. . In the case of laser repair grinding tools, 15Hz has been able to meet the needs of the welding, the high frequency will cause the laser pulse energy to be too low, resulting in the failure of the welding.
Laser pulse waveform: for pulsed laser welding, laser pulse waveform is an important problem in pulsed laser welding. When a high-intensity laser is incident on the surface of the material, the laser energy of the 60%~98% will be reflected off by the metal surface, and the reflectivity will vary with the surface temperature. Therefore, different metals are different in the reflectivity of laser and the utilization ratio of laser. In order to make effective welding, the laser of different waveforms must be input, so the metal structure in the weld can crystallize in the best way and form the same structure with the matrix metal to form a high quality weld. The common machines in China use cheap single waveform laser power. Therefore, the flexibility of the welding is low, it is difficult to adapt to the welding of various mold materials and often rework, which greatly wastes the time of the welding material and may cause the die to be scrapped. The degree of reflection and absorption of laser is very different on the surface of different metal materials, and the same beam laser produces different welding effects on different metals, and affects its penetration, welding speed, crystallization speed and hardness. So a single rectangular wave welding can not solve the requirements of different mould metal welding.
Laser spot focusing diameter: This is a very important parameter reflecting the design performance of the laser, the unit is (mm), which determines the power density and processing range of the laser. If the optical design of the laser is reasonable and advanced, the laser energy is concentrated and the focus is accurate, the laser spot diameter can be controlled in the range of 0.2mm-2mm, and whether the focus diameter of the laser can be controlled in 0.2mm is a strict test for the laser generator. In China, the general design of laser, because only to reduce the cost, therefore, the laser device processing is simple, the design is not rigorous, the laser in the resonant cavity diverges seriously, resulting in the difficulty of accurate focusing, the laser spot diameter of the laser can not reach the nominal 0.2mm, but only the minimum of 0.5mm, and because of the laser. The divergence of the laser beam can not make the output laser beam in a regular circle, which leads to the phenomenon that the actual laser irradiation area is too large, and the phenomenon of the ablative weld appears. The die will be discarded.
The above is the content of the technical personnel of Da Xin Hua laser welding machine, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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