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The method of oil on the slide block of the laser marking machine

Date:2018-6-14 15:33:50 Number of visits:
The laser marking machine will wear the machine for some time, so it is very necessary to oil the slider. Today, the technical personnel of the big Xin Hua laser marking machine come to share with you, the method of oil on the slide block of the laser marking machine.
Before the first operation, we must turn off the power of the laser marking machine first, remove the lens on the slider with the professional dismantling tool. When dismantling the lens, be careful and pay attention to protecting the lens. At this time, grasp the guide rail reverse and expose the connecting part of the slider and the slideway. If the slider is short of oil, the ball will be bright at this time. When you get oil, squeeze the grease out of the needle pipe, add the oil to the gap with the wooden toothpick, roll the slider with the oil in turn, and let the lubricating oil stick to each ball as far as possible. After finishing the oil, do not be anxious to fix it, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail first, then the guideway is installed first, when the guideway is installed, notice when the guideway is installed. Don't fix it first, keep the fixed nails well, keep the level, and fix the belt and slider. Finally, the laser marking machine lens is loaded, and the way of the X guide is adjusted.
The above is the content of Da Xin Hua laser marking machine technician finishing, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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