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How do your food win in detail

Date:2018-6-15 11:17:49 Number of visits:
In modern society, various kinds of food packaging are contending. Today, the technical personnel of the big Xin Hua laser marking machine to share with you, how to win the food packaging bag in detail.
First round PK: spell image
The first role of food packaging is to display food and attract consumers' eyes with fine and beautiful images. Ink jet printer is made of ink, and it is difficult to make the mark even and meticulous. Even higher cost of advanced ink is prone to blur and damage, and poor ink is everywhere dizziness and poor perception.
The laser code printer is clearly and beautiful, exquisite and delicate, and the laser code machine is a non - contact processing, and it is completely unnecessary to worry about the redundant traces on the packaging.
Second round PK: spelling health
The second role of the package is to protect the food and prevent the damage of biological, chemical and physical external factors during the circulation of food from the factory to the consumers' hands. However, the mark of ink jet printer is easy to fall off and pollute. The dropped ink will touch the hands of users and even directly pollute the food. The laser code is a permanent mark, from processing to use does not produce any toxic and harmful substances.
Third round PK: spell information
The third function of packaging bags is to introduce food and make food ingredients, sources and production dates clear at a glance. No matter how the package changes, the contents of the packaging are indispensable, production date, serial number and other information. The information is printed when the product is out of factory, and can not be printed, because time is changing. In this case, the laser marking machine can operate more easily and quickly through computer operation than ink jet coding.
The above is the content of Da Xin Hua laser marking machine technician finishing, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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