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The factors influencing the quality of laser welding machine insulation Cup kettle

Date:2018-6-16 10:00:49 Number of visits:
What are the general factors influencing the processing quality of laser welding machine insulation Cup kettle? Today, Xinhua laser welding machine technical personnel with a simple introduction.
The kettle insulation Cup, laser welding machine can reduce the weld and heat affected zone of residual stress and crack tendency. When the carbon equivalent material is larger than 0.3 and the carbon equivalent is less than 0.3%, the use of the bias weld is beneficial to restrict the transformation of martensite and reduce the crack. Carbon equivalent to more than 0.3%, reduce the quenching rate can also reduce the cracking tendency. Galvanized steel, because the vaporization temperature of zinc (903 DEG C) than the melting point of steel (1535 DEG C) is much lower.
In the welding process, the laser welder evaporates the zinc in the welding process, making the weld a serious hole, so it is difficult to use laser welding, especially through the penetration welding. Now, the gap between the upper and lower materials is set up and the zinc vapour is released from the gap, but the operation of the gap in the actual production is difficult. Sulfur and phosphorus content has a certain effect on the welding crack, the sulfur content is higher than 0.04 or higher than the phosphorus content%% 0.04 steel laser welding cracks easily. Because of the high carbon content of the surface, the surface of carburized steel is very easy to produce solidification crack and pack crack in the carburized layer, which is usually not suitable for laser welding.
The above is the big Xinhua laser welding machine technical personnel arrangement, I hope you can help! Production and sales of large Xinhua laser fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free samples. Welcome to inquire /en/

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