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How to solve the fault of laser welding robot

Date:2018-6-19 15:28:57 Number of visits:
How to solve the problem of laser welding robot if it fails? Today, the technicians of Da Xin Hua fiber laser welding machine are going to give you a brief introduction.
Laser robot is an electronic technology, computer technology, CNC, robot, and Internet technology in one modern technology and equipment. Since the production began in 60s, the technology has been greatly improved, especially the rapid development of Internet technology in recent years, which has greatly promoted the laser welding robot. The new technology innovation and intelligent development have reduced the technical requirements for the staff, but although the technology has been highly improved, it is unavoidable that the inevitable welding problems, such as welding deviation, edge bite, gas hole and other welding defects, can also be found in the long period of work. Barrier.
The development of science and technology, laser equipment also developed, for example, laser welding robot technology, although it is a late start, but learn from foreign mature technology, also developed well. After welding, the controller of the welding robot sends electricity to the controller, and the robot reports servo failure.
The following are some possible reasons for the failure of laser welding robot:
1. The servo amplifier control panel of the controller is out of order. Check the 2 DC link voltage detection screws above the servo amplifier LED to confirm the DC link voltage. If the voltage is above 50V, the servo amplifier control panel is in an abnormal state. Voltage below 50V can be initially judged to be in normal state. The LED color of the servo amplifier control board is observed. It is confirmed that the output of the power supply voltage is normal, there is no external emergency stop signal input, and the control board of the servo amplifier can be excluded from the normal communication with the robot main board.
2. The line damage to the robot controller and the robot body's external cable connection RM1, RP1 inspection, RM1 as the robot servo motor power, lock control line, RP1 as the robot servo motor encoder signal and control power line, terminal actuator line and code device data storage battery lines and other lines . Pull out the plug and check the battery circuit on the encoder. Unplug the pulse control plug M1P of the M1 motor. The same method is used to check the M2 to M7 motor is 0, and it can be judged that the battery line on the encoder is damaged.
3. The battery of the data stored on the robot encoder has no electricity or has damaged the battery installation box that disassembled the data storage of the encoder pulse. The voltage of each cell of the battery box is measured under 1.4V, the battery voltage is obviously low, the new battery is replaced, and then the fault is reset.
Robot programming skills:
1. Optimize the welding parameters. In order to get the best welding parameters, the work piece is made to conduct welding test and process qualification.
2, select the proper order of welding. Welding sequence is established to reduce welding distortion and length of welding torch.
3. The space transition of welding torch requires that the moving track is shorter, smoother and safer.
4. Insert the gun cleaning procedure in time. After a certain length of welding procedure is written, the gun cleaning procedure should be inserted in time to prevent the welding spatter from blocking the welding nozzles and the conductance nozzle, to ensure the cleaning of the welding gun, to improve the life of the nozzle, to ensure the reliable arc ignition and to reduce the welding spatter.
5. Reasonable position of the position changing machine, welding torch posture and relative position of welding torch. If the workpiece is fixed on the variable position machine, if the weld is not the ideal position and angle, it is required to adjust the position machine constantly when programming, so that the weld seam will reach the horizontal position in accordance with the welding sequence. At the same time, the position of each shaft of the robot should be adjusted and the position, angle and wire extension of the welding gun relative to the welding torch should be rationally determined. Out of length. After the location of the workpiece is determined, the position of the welding torch relative to the joint is difficult to observe through the eyes of programmers. This requires the programmer to be good at summing up the accumulated experience.
6, the program can not be in place in one step. In the process of robot welding, it is necessary to constantly check and modify the program, adjust the welding parameters and the welding gun attitude so as to form a good program.
The development trend of the laser welding robot is intelligent. It takes a long time to make the technical innovation to the market and invest more money. At present, it is unrealistic to rely only on the investment of individual enterprises. It is necessary for the state to give some preferential policies and funds to solve these strategic technical equipment. Better development. Therefore, laser welding robot is an enterprise strategic level equipment product, and is also a key step for national industrial modernization.
The above is the content of the technical personnel of Da Xin Hua fiber laser welding machine, hoping to help you! Da Xin Hua laser produces and sells fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free sample. Welcome to inquire /en/

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